(Quick confession before I leave for work.)

(Part of the reason why I usually play OCs on Tumblr and in other RPs is because I feel like I couldn’t “belong” to somebody. Like, with all the other options out there, I don’t think I’m the one somebody would want to have as “their Ada” or “their Sherry” for any reason other than the other Adas and Sherrys were taken. So, thetroublewithwomen and agentsupergirl are big, scary projects for me. There are a ton of people I’d love to talk to, but then I get scared when I remember that the other Adas and Sherrys interacted with them and they have somebody to compare how I play my character to.

So… I just wanted to get that off my chest real quick before I left. e ne)

  1. madameadaw said: {You should not feel that way. Just keep playing with more people. I used to feel inadequate, but I kind of have this “u don’t like my adaptation of ada? PFF ur loss!”. You’re on the right track. I enjoy seeing you on my dash. }
  2. fourthsurvivor said: ((-hugs- Don’t feel that way love.))
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